I’m unbreakable

Gigantic Thank You for the people who worked hard to achieve this program . Personally, I’m so great full for being part of this significant program . It was one[…]

Leven (Dutch)

Een vriend: Israël? WTF ga je daar doen? Ik: Ik ga voor een project. Werken met Palestijnse en Nederlandse jongeren; zij gaan hun verhaal vertellen en ik ga hun daarbij[…]

A magical week

The week was a magical week. Nine lovely people came all the way from the Netherlands to participate in this workshop, and also people from here our land were participating,[…]

Society based on stories

Human beings are storytelling beings.  We base our lives on stories, about ourselves and about the other. And mainly about the other, certainly in areas where people with different identities[…]

Gift from Shefa-‘Amr

When Arjen Barel shared his thoughts on organising the storytelling/music workshop in the Arab town of Shef’amr, I immediately asked to participate. I signed up with the eight of the[…]

Being here, now (Dutch)

Everything is gonna be alright, everything is gonna be alright…. Hoeveel kan achter zo’n simpele zin schuilgaan? Heel veel. Afgelopen week werkten we in Israël/Palestina met een groep Nederlandse jongeren[…]

Waiting for our friends

In this airport we see jews, orthdox, liberals, short skirts, religious muslims, tourists, dogs, midgets and Pahrisees. Everything about it looks like a melting pot full of peace. Yet a[…]