In just one day the adventure will start…..

In just one day the adventure will start…..

Nine people from The Netherlands, mainly from Amsterdam, and one from Lelystad (a Dutch city in – say – the middle of nowhere) are about to depart to Israel/Palestine.

Nine different people, with different genders, ages, identities and backgrounds. Their names, you will find under the blogs published on this site, will probably reveal a bit of who they are and where they are coming from. But to be honest: we don’t give a shit!

Nine people are curious about the people we are going to work with in Shefa’amr, a town in the Galilee, halfway between Haifa and Nazareth. Not a very well know town; not a town all tourists visit. Most of them just cross it from a distance on their way from the coast to the Christian high lights. That’s were we will stay for a week. Working with stories and music. Exploring our own identity and the one of the other.

Nine people are following the news about the fires near Shefa’amr. Are they really close? Our friends in Shefa’amr are not panicking yet. Apparently the fires are not that close. Maybe there are other things to panic about. For example: how are we going to make a nice and meaningful presentation in just one week? What will the food be like? Can I handle to eat hummus the entire week (some on us whisper that a well kept secret of Shefa’amr is that they have the one of the best hummus in the entire world over there)?

Nine people cannot wait to go and to discover what living in Shefa’amr is like. To experience what drives people there to do what they do, to believe what they believe.  To explore ways of collaborating with passionate young people living in a different country, under different circumstances. Sharing ideas, feelings and thoughts. Partying, enjoying and learning.

Nine people want to group up with nine other people. And these eighteen people want to share their experiences with you. So, we will update this blog daily.

Don’t hesitate to follow us here on our joined adventure, to comment and to share!

Arjen Barel – Nov 2016

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