Waiting for our friends

In this airport we see jews, orthdox, liberals, short skirts, religious muslims, tourists, dogs, midgets and Pahrisees. Everything about it looks like a melting pot full of peace. Yet a couple people are not walking around here yet. Soufiane, Fouad, Mohamed and Ezra had to stay for an extra interrogation. And one more. The keep us updated trough whats app:

[14:24, 27-11-2016] Arjen: Vind je het nog leuk?  (You still like it?)
[14:25, 27-11-2016] Soufiane: Absoluut niet (Absolutely not)
[14:25, 27-11-2016] Soufiane: it is onmenselijk  (This is inhuman)
[14:26, 27-11-2016] Arjen: Iedereen heeft recht op nicotine (Everyone has the right for nicotine)
[14:26, 27-11-2016] Soufiane: Precies (Exactly)

We hope they will join us soon and we can proceed our trip to Shefa amr. Boaz looks very handsome and fit. Anouk looks to her phone. Who is she texting? Arjen is walking around, he looks busy not being worried. And when Anastasis is not working on his career in Greec televesion, he’s filming us. In the meanwhile Soufiane and Arjen are still contacting each other on whats app;

Part 2 of the whats app conversation between Souf and Arjen:
[15:13, 27-11-2016] Arjen: Any news?
[15:13, 27-11-2016] Soufiane: No News
[15:13, 27-11-2016] Soufiane: Still wating
[15:13, 27-11-2016] Arjeb: Jammer ☹ (Too bad)
[15:13, 27-11-2016] Arjen: Hier ook geen nieuws  (Here no news either)
[15:14, 27-11-2016] Soufiane: Jammer (Too bad)

Yet two hours later our friends get the green light! We greet and hug each other, take a moment to get a coffee and Souf (Soufiane) lights up his sig. Then the group collects al their stuff and, like the ancestors in this country did and the Bedoeins still do, start walking. Yet we’re just walking to the car pick up service. It’s 2016.
While the sun is making place for the thousands of streetlights to shine, we get our first glimpse of the beauty of this country. We see  the illuminated houses, lying on the hills around Tel Aviv. We drive down the Yitschak Rabin highway to the north. His way, the way of peace, in his footsteps we will be walking this way.
Lets hope this story has an other ending.

Yalla bye

Boaz Krone – Nov 2016

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