A magical week

The week was a magical week.

Nine lovely people came all the way from the Netherlands to participate in this workshop, and also people from here our land were participating, wonderful people.

I did not participate in the workshop, However I have hosted the most amazing two girls from Amsterdam at our home, I woke them up in the morning with hugs, then left for work every day, and every day all I thought about was I want to leave work and go be with them.

The group was a mix of very different people, from very different back-grounds, I have also met new people from my own home town Shefaram, but this is what made it very special, people from different backgrounds, still we found many things in common.

Every day after work, I would go to see the group, and although I didn’t participate in the workshop, it felt like I did. This group, the chemistry between the people was amazing.

Each night was unique and astonishing in its own way, some participants were very talented and they would play some music for us which made the atmosphere even more beautiful, others just made me happy with our little chit-chats, and games.

The show night was very special for me, I don’t think they even realize how incredible they were in their show, their music playing, their storytelling, everything was amazing.

After the show, we gathered in a circle, and Arjen asked us to say one word describing how we felt, I said “Happy”, and I wasn’t lying, I was happy, I was also sad, because it was almost over, but if I could go back and change my word, I would, I would change it to “Love”, I felt the love all over, I loved every one of them, and I felt the love back.

And if I would add something, I would thank each and every one of them, just for being these incredible human-beings…

Arjen – for getting all these wonderful people together, for all your hard work, and for making this happen my dear.
Anastasis – for your amazing piano playing, your incredible personality, your funny stories and just for being you.
Anouk – for your sweetness my love.
Boaz – for how you make me laugh my dear.
Elias – for your calmness in life and anger in the story my dear.
Fouad – for understanding everything I’ve been through, your sweetness, and encouragement.
Hamody – for everything my dear.
Esra – for how powerful you are, and how your life decisions made me think all over again my love.
Anas – for all your hard work, your honesty, for understanding, for your wonderful parents and hosting my dear.
Juhaina – for dreaming about freedom, something I know I have been dreaming about my love.
Marwa – for your beautiful piano playing.
Mohammed – where do I start my dear? For all the sweetness, and for all the love you have inside of you.
Nabeel – for your cuteness and sweetness my dear.
Redouan – for being here and making this more special.
Ronni – for your intelligence, your calmness, for being you.
Omar – for your wonderful Qanon playing, and your sweetness my dear.
Shada – my love, you’re an awesome person, thank you for being you.
Soufiane – for all your coaching, for making this amazing week happen, and for making me laugh my dear.

Mallak Bahouth – Dec 2016

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