I’m unbreakable

Gigantic Thank You for the people who worked hard to achieve this program .
Personally, I’m so great full for being part of this significant program .

It was one of the best experiences I have ever had in the acting , storytelling and social fields .
Being able to spend a whole week with these wonderful people was just perfect for me . Communicating with beautiful spirits , and making friendships that’s gonna last a lifetime was worthy to do .

This program allowed me to develop my acting and storytelling skills in a way that I literally felt like I’m unbreakable , and I own my own stage with my words and feelings.
In addition , being able to make music together and create fantastic atmosphere that was easy to get used to .

Standing on the stage performing next to a group of talented , generous and kind people was an honor to me . Standing on the stage sending a message of hope , love and peace to the world through our stories .

I hope that every person could participate in such a thing , since it was my first time to .
I really loved everything about it , from the jokes,  the rehearsing sessions that’s full of joy and happiness to the nights were we had fun playing music and eating, to the diversity in the group.

It was just marvelous !

Thank you .

Marwa Yassin – Jan 2017

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